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Is the year I will be working on my new book.

Completely new work, pushing myself and my creative practice to the next level of self development.

Every piece of poetry I have written shows a story of self growth of self development, I look back at some of things I have written and cringe, but it's them pieces that show me how far I have come.

How developing your creative practice has a multiple of benefits and I'm so grateful to be able to work on my next collection this year.

Its my priority over all things this year. Taking the time to create, to develop to learn to cause chaos on them pages.

So you too can feel my every word written.

I'm super excited and deeply blessed to be on this journey and I thank you all for your continued support and for believing in me and my poetry ❤

I will be updating throughout the year, keeping you all with me on this new exciting path.

This is going to be something 💥💥

I can feel it.

More details will follow throughout the year,

* Content

* Book title

* Release date

* Inspiration behind it

* Reader/Audience target

* Book cover reveal

More info coming soon

What I can say to you is that I'm super pleased & so happy that my collection will be published by @verve.publisherofpoetry

So excited for the future ahead and to share with you more information ❤

Much love to all & thank you for your support always 🙏

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