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I appreciate your stillness and your gentleness that allows me to take a deep breath in.

Today, amongst watching you and the 101 things I do, I got to see my lovely friends ♡ the ladies who participate in my weekly workshop. Which will soon be coming to a close.

I get to see some incredible women with stories that make your insides crave to be hugged because their stories touch the depth of you, the soul of you.

Today, one lady gifted me some colourings she had been colouring at home. Pieces of paper I remember once colouring as a child.

Another incredible lady showed me a picture of herself sitting on the bench in Lister Park, where my words are inscribed into a bench. My heart beamed with joy to see such an amazing lady inspired to visit my words there. Once a teacher is now enjoying the teachings, she still teaches me so much with her gentle smile and wise words of wisdom, her story, and creativity.

Another lady touches my hand and asks about my weekend, I look deep in her eyes and feel that heart of loneliness, from a Queen I admire so much.

I watch on as another lady colours in her work, her mind a million miles away, she is smiling and I smile watching her.

Just a few of the amazing moments these ladies gift me with. I honestly feel blessed to have been gifted their time and to show them with my smile, how incredibly brave and gifted they are.

Blessed with these beautiful moments ♡

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