International Womens day 2020

To mark International Women's Day, Sharena has recorded a heartfelt reading of Deeds Not Words published by Bradford Telegraph and Argus

Deeds not words


Welcome to the official website of Sharena Lee Satti. As a prolific Poet, their mission in life is to tell poetic stories of all kinds and to share her love of poetry. She has lead many  workshops in Schools and at events encouraging and supporting people to express their truth and creativity through this expressive art.

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We were delighted to have Sharena Lee Satti as one of the poets for our 2018 Composers and Poets Forum, the seventh of these projects, which bring together student composers from the national conservatoires and White Rose universities and poets recruited mostly locally to form new creative partnerships.  Over the course of some 6 months, the partners collaborate to produce new songs which are then workshopped during the Leeds Lieder Festival with a panel of professional musicians and poets before being premièred at a public Showcase later in the day.  Writing for the voice presents many challenges and many of the composers and poets have never written for the voice before, but we are always hugely impressed with the energy, creativity and imagination which they bring to the work.  Sharena’s song for the project, “Trapped”, written with London-based composer Clare Elton, and inspired by conversations with people suffering from the isolation and loneliness of homelessness, was a wonderful example of this, and a most valuable contribution to the success of the project.  We wish her every success in the future.

Kathleen Evans, Chairman, Leeds Lieder



Poetry and Spoken Word Event + Joan Day Painting Bursary Exhibition at The South Square centre

Sharena Lee Satti hosted her event "Arts of Life" at  The South Square Centre in Thornton Bradford. It's very first open mic spoken word and poetry event. Which also seen her poem "Untroubled Landscape" hand written on the walls of The South Square Centre to showcase how the Bronte sisters  once shared their poetry



A film featuring spoken word by Sharena Lee Satti and dance by members of Dance United Yorkshire's Gradient Company. It was produced as part of the Weaving the Future exhibition, a multi-media celebration of modern day textiles produced by Tim Smith, commissioned by the Saltaire Festival and first shown at Salts Mill during Sept. & Oct. 2019. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


#ChooseToChallenge #iwd2021 

A poem i created for #IWD 

"Writing is the geometry of the soul"



The birth of a new project  'SPOKE' What is Spoke? A non-profit organisation looking to raise the profile of spoken word andprovide opportunities for people of all ages and walks of life to experience the world ofspoken word poetry.What do you do? As speakers, educators and facilitators we deliver spoken word viaworkshops in finding your voice and releasing your inner poet. These take place in varioussettings across education, rehabilitation and corporate sectors. We also host a regular openmic night for people to showcase their work in a safe space.Why? We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the world ofspoken word in their lifetime and that poetry shouldn’t be confined to the books of old.Finding your voice can save your life, take it from us!
Who are you? In 2020, Bradford poet and educator Sharena Lee Satti had an idea. Working with Simon Pickles and Laura Baldwin the trio developed the dream into reality; an organisation to reach new  places  and people  with  spoken  word  poetry. 
What’s in store for the future? Spoke plans to host poetry and spoken word eventsthroughout the year, some in keeping with national and local literary festivals and events.Follow us on Facebook for details of upcoming events and stay tuned for our upcoming radio show!